The Ex-Boyfriends' Island

Our "Confessions" Section... 

The drop downs are for blogging; this is where we'll add your personal submissions for 
the "Island's Hall of Fame / Confessional". 

 First you can read about the personal humiliations of your Tribunal Leaders, the douchebags we've dated and the crap we've dealt with. 

The Douchebag Mascot we love to hate.
  Then we want you to submit your own stories and tell us what they're responsible for  - these stories are grouped under Grounds for Banishment:

  - We want to know about the Worst Dates you've been onand the Rudest Things 
    "he" ever said or did to you. 

  - It's on to your Crappiest Boyfriends and the Biggest Douchebags YOU'VE Dated.

     - We're separating the two because they both deserve their own categories - you         can clearly date a complete A**hole and not officially be a couple. Also,  blogging about just one bad date or one rude comment doesn't always do them justice.  

Lamest Breakups are after that - this can be from either side, but if the guy is the recipient, he better had been a complete jerk.  If not, go to The Ex-Girlfriends' Island!

The final section is just that, the Ex-Girlfriend's Island. Yes, we believe there should be one for them too. ;)