The Ex-Boyfriends' Island

   So, we kind of feel to be entirely fair....

 There should also be an Ex-Girlfriends' Island. I don't know how well an entire site dedicated to it would do - not to stereotype, (I'm gonna do it anyway), guys don't always seem to have the strongest desire to "vent" about things. However, I don't want to discount the fact that women can be clingy, catty and psychotic. Guys, you could post here if you so desire; maybe we can learn a thing or two. 
(We're aware this photo might be a bit offensive to our female readers... but you have to admit it's true, therefore funny.)
*sigh* How many times have I been HERE? lol

   I think most of us have been, at one time or another, "that crazy ex-girlfriend". I know I (S.W.)  had the worst dating / girlfriend habits when I first got out there. By "awful", I don't mean being intentionally manipulative or stalking (not intentionally, anyway). 

I'm talking about "How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days"  / "He's Just Not That Into You" kind of awful. 
Our Love Fern! You let it DIE!

(Two of my favorite movies btw... because I can totally relate to almost every "don't" in both of them). May parents were pretty strict, so I didn't really begin dating until I was 19, and frankly it's a tad embarrassing to look back on some of my experiences. By now I've learned my lessons, but I 
definitely left a wake behind. A wake which provides great writing material. lol 

Anyway, your Tribunal Leaders will be posting our mistakes / bad dating habits, and if you desire to share in our humiliation, we'll turn your comments into blog posts as well. =)

We love her... lol (He's Just Not That Into You)

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