The Ex-Boyfriends' Island

Privacy Information

Updated Jun 22, 2011

   We want our readers to feel comfortable posting, and are working on a privacy policy.  We're doing a bit of research to find out what your rights are when you use the site (there are actual rules for these blogs!), and will post more as we learn what is applicable to this site. 

   As you saw on our first page, we will only use your email address to contact you regarding your posts, to send you any questions we have regarding your posts and to allow you to subscribe.  We won't be sending it to any companies or other sites, nor will we spam you from the site's email address.We don't like getting that kind of crap in our inboxes either. 

  If you fill out a"Contact Form", it simply sends your comment directly to our site email address - none of the information in the form will show up on the site. 

Additionally, if you want to post a comment, we aren't asking you to provide your real name, (the site moderators all use pseudonyms), and your email doesn't appear in your comment. It's there to simply let us know you've commented.  

Today, June 22, we received the results of our tracking company scan - we wanted to make sure no other domains will attempt to collect your information when you visit our site. The result: "In scanning approximately 50 pages of this site, we did not observe browser interactions with any domains listed in the PrivacyChoice Tracker Index." 

 That's all we have for now; we hope it will encourage our readers to post on the site!