The Ex-Boyfriends' Island

Welcome to The Place We'd Like to Send Our Crappy Ex-Boyfriends.... 

The other day,

      One of my best friends and I were talking about ex-boyfriends, and how they always seem to creep back into your life once you're "over" them and trying to move on. Or you run into them with their new girlfriends or ENTIRE FAMILIES (because that's fun), and they're just fine with the encounter, but you go home and bawl your eyes out over a gigantic bowl of choose-your-weakness and have a Molly Ringwald marathon for three days. (My personal go-to humiliation band-aid.)

    Or they keep promising to "change" any time you decide you've had enough (or you appear to be getting close), but they never do, instead dragging your pathetic heart through the gutter, stringing you along, while you justify your misery by continuing to tell yourself, "but he can be SUCH a great guy....".

 Pep Talk side note:

  It's about freakin time we stopped pining over old crap relationships and mulling how things were in the beginning, or going back to something we couldn't wait to get out of just because the guy is familiar. We have to remind ourselves there actually are some great guys out there who aren't psychotic, abusive, obnoxious or disingenuous, AND who meet our basic qualifications. (Such as not married, intelligent, funny, kind...  "Good cook" or "Sensitive like my girlfriends" are negotiable, sorry.) This was one of our realizations during our recent conversation: we tend to romanticize prior relationships in our head when our current situations leave us feeling vulnerable, and to be honest a little needy, and that needs to stop. There's a reason we're NOT in those relationships anymore! 

This is the song running through my head... "Since U Been Gone"

Anyway, we decided there needs to be an "Ex-Boyfriend Island".

 (Well, in all fairness, she came up with the brilliant title *jealous*; I just said I wish there was somewhere we could send them, a place we knew we wouldn't run into them or hear from them.) We picture it somewhat like Australia, with the comforts of a modern society... minus a "lovah". Karma's a B****. Their friends and families could visit them, but they would be strictly forbidden from leaving the Island, or in any way contacting their Ex (YOU). I don't know how we'd moderate this quite yet, but we'll figure it out. 

We would set up a Tribunal to decide whether or not they truly qualify for the island.... Rule 1: it would only be for men over the age of 18. Sorry tweens. Rule 2: It can't just be a guy you don't really like... he'd have to have done or said some truly horrendous things. Once we unanimously agreed he's really and truly a shmuck, we'd send them packing! After they've been banished, they could only return under unique circumstances... The reason would have to be pretttty good. 

So here it is.


The virtual "Ex-Boyfriends' Island".  Welcome all ye with broken hearts. The goal here is to post about your crappy doucher of an ex, then "leave him here".Aka STOP OBSESSING over him! =D It's like the "Confessions" section in Cosmo, only less raunchy and one day, endless! 

Next stop, read the Community Rules, and check out The Tribunal. There you can submit your own stories for publication!  (See "Commonly Asked Questions").

After that, the section labelled Grounds For Banishment is where all of the stories are. Because you have to admit, reading about others' misery tends to make you feel a little better about your own.  

    Lastly, this site is "under construction", and we're constantly updating as we learn how to run it,  figure out what's most user friendly, and add stories. Comments and suggestions are welcome! If something looks weird or is difficult to use, please let us know. We're also very committed to your privacy; please check out our "Policy". 

Thanks for stopping by! 
  ~ Tribunal Leaders "S.M.", "T.W." and "T.F."

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