The Ex-Boyfriends' Island
Back in December, we received a submission from an avid reader, “Missy”, and are FINALLY posting it. Her first time being cheated on, and girly, we feel ya. 

A seemingly wonderful “Chester” with everything going for him managed to sweep her off her feet, and after dating for some time, they agreed to do the distance game when he moved. About 8 months later, he proposed to her, ring and all.  Two months later, he randomly texted to her tell her he was in a bit of a financial bind, and it was therefore “best to just forget about him”... (Sound familiar?) 

A buddy of Chester's informed our chica that it came as a surprise that the two were engaged; “I don't know how to tell you this, but [Chester's] had a girlfriend for the past two weeks.” After finding the girlfriend on Facebook, Missy introduced herself as Chester's fiancé; no surprise, Chester told his girl on the side that Missy was obsessive and crazy, and that they has broken up a month prior. Chester then called Missy, and “basically tried to get my to feel bad for him...he told me he missed having someone to hold...”. THEN he let her know he wasn't into her any more, and that was that. 


(See her original submission below! Only "Chester" has been added. Thanks for submitting, Missy!)

“Hey guys,

So I have a story for you. I am 19 years old and I met this guy
[Chester]. He was incredible. Everything I had ever looked for in a guy, he had a rough past but that was okay with me. I immediately fell in love with him and he did so with me (or so I thought). He had to move and I asked if he wanted to end the relationship cuz I'm not stupid, I know long distance doesn't really work. But he said he didn't want it end. He loved me and he'd make it work. After about 8 months of our relationship he proposed to me. I thought he was kidding but he sent me this beautiful diamond ring. Of course, after I said yes. After being together for 10 months he sent me this text telling me how he got into huge trouble with his parents and they were probably gunna cut him off money-wise with his phone bill and everything. He told me it was best to just forget about him. After everything we've been through I refused to believe that he truly wanted me to forget him. SO I held on and I talked to some of his friends. This one particular friend of his I was talking to was quite surprised to know about us being engaged. Actually, he was REALLY surprised. He said "I don't know how to tell you this but [Chester's] had a girlfriend for the past 2 weeks". I told him there had to be some mistake. He would never be with another girl. He gave me a ring for God's sake! But it was true. The stupid SOB wrote all over his facebook about her. I found her on his facebook and partially for revenge and partially cuz I felt like she needed to know. I introduced myself to her. When she confronted him about it he told her that I was obsessive and crazy, He told her he broke up with me a month ago. And that night he called me (funny how he can suddenly talk to me) and he basically tried to get me to feel bad for him and everything. He told me he missed having someone to hold at all times. And he didn't love me anymore. After two months. I'm still slowly getting over this. I have never been cheated on before and let me tell you, IT SUCKS.

Thanks for listening to my story. I love this website!!


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