The Ex-Boyfriends' Island

Our Site, Our Rules!

Okay peeps. Here are the rules if you wanna follow/post on the site. We've been  part of a couple online forums which had the most god-awful, insanely offensive crap running rampant, and that won't fly here. This page is here for fun; a place to vent and know you aren't alone in feeling totally screwed over by exes. Follow the rules, and you can post away! 

  1. Lets keep the profanity down-ish. We will be monitoring the site and posting our own blog entries frequently; feel free to check ours out to see what we consider "permissible" (use asterisks in your words  - that will get you pretty far). Your comment won't be posted if we deem it overly obscene upon review, and we'll email you back with recommendations. If it's just plain awful, we'll just ignore it. 

 2. Leave real names out of your stories when you submit them for Banishment considerations, etc. EVERY EX-BOYFRIEND IS TO BE REFERRED TO AS "CHESTER".  If you submit a post with a real name in it, we won't publish it, and will send it back for editing. 

  3. This site welcomes women, transgender and gays. Deal with it. If you don't like it, too bad. Keep it to yourself or get off the page. Any homophobic comments will not be tolerated: you will immediately be reprimanded and your comment will not be published.  

  4. Keep the sexual comments on your submissions or postings on the appropriate side. Regardless of my desire is to keep this site available to those over 18, (we don't feel like dealing with tweens), it doesn't mean you have free reign to totally offend people. Just, please... don't go into too much detail. 

  5. We will NOT tolerate arguing, name calling, or rude comments in response to individual postings. Be respectful. 

  6. Pointless, non-Island related comments won't be published. We don't care about the weather where you are, won't publish your personal side-bar conversations, and won't let members post crap like "I H8 Boyz". We also don't want religious or political discussions popping up on here. We enjoy debating just as much as the next person, maybe more so, but that isn't what this is for. 

  7. Please don't Spam our site. If you try to post links to your own websites or try to advertise something, and publishing them will be at our discretion. 

8. If you like the site, share it! It's a work in progress, but for something which started out as a "wouldn't it be funny if...", we're pretty happy with it. Check out (and like, please!) our Facebook Fan Page (See link below). Yes, we're pushing the page. lol

This is a great example of the kind of crap we do NOT want to see on here. *** Oh Snooki... you're such an idiot lol